Pipeline commissioning

We are specilist in LPG pipeline commissioning, Natural Gas Pipeline commissioning, Electro geometry pigging, Product pipe line commissioning, Nitrogen purging & Air drying

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We are well equipped with in house HDD rigs of 40t tons capacity to execute horizontal directional drilling at any type of complicated length. Over experienced engineers and operators are capable of providing HDD services for major river crossings, highway& canal crossings.

Pipeline Operation & Maintenance

We provide Cross Country pipeline Operation & Maintenance, City Gas Distribution network Operation & Maintenance, Pipeline segment replacement and Emergency call out

Pipeline Integrity

City Gas Distribution network Operation & Maintenance online cleaning/fluid services., O&M Manuals & Procedures , we have Specialized Services for Pipelines, Feasibility surveys Soil resistivity & design data calculation survey Detailed design & engineering of the system Installation of Equipment's Testing

Company Profile

The company is at present providing employment directly or indirectly to the extent of 80 persons.The company has a strong customer base such as M/s.HARYANA CITY GAS KapilChopra Enterprise, M/s SKN-Haryana City Gas Distribution Pvt. Ltd. , M/s Likhitha Infrastructure pvt ltd etc.

The company is started up with small work as sub-contractorin M/s Likhitha Infrastructure pvt ltd in the February 2016 and afterword's company is achieved a turnover of Rs.5.23 crores for the year 2016-17 and Rs.6.15 crores for the year 2017-18 respectively. Company is aiming toachieve a turnover of 7crores by the end of year 2018-2019.